Oscar Pistorious Sentenced To Five Years In Prison



It was only two years ago Oscar Pistorious was literally on top of the world. The first amputee to compete in the Olympic Games; endorsement deals raking in millions; a legion of fans who knew him as Bladerunner: It all ended tragically, and woefully on a night steeped in mystique and alleged confusion.

The world is all too familiar with the story of Oscar Pistorious. The only thing faster than his rise to fame was his fall from societal grace. On Valentine’s Day of 2013, Pistorious allegedly mistook his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, for an intruder in a bathroom of his home, and fired several gunshots through the locked door, striking Steenkamp and leading to her death.

Those who have taken an interest in the story fall into one of two categories: They believe Oscar’s story, or they don’t. The Steenkamp family don’t, and have been quite dissatisfied with the justice offered for the death of their late daughter.

Pistorious was charged with culpable homicide on September 12, with the sentencing scheduled for October 13. After a week’s delay, Oscar stood in front of the judge today to hear his sentence delivered. He was sentenced to five years in prison, for his act of gross negligence leading to the death of Steenkamp. He was also sentenced to three years for another gun related charge stemming from a separate incident. The second sentence was suspended by the judge.

Pistorious left the courtroom in the custody of law enforcement, and was taken to holding cells where his sentence will begin immediately. Based on prior precedent, there is a chance Pistorious could be released after eight months, and confined to house arrest. This is dependent on exceptional behavior while part of the prison community.


James Sheldon