‘Orange Is The New Black’ Stars Before They Were Famous

Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Orange Is The New Black has just premired its second season on Netflix, much to the delight of binge-watching fans.  Most of the stars of the show are in their 30s or older — but what did they look like before they were famous?

Check out the video for a fun look at old photos of the cast members! Who was stylish as a teenager, and who underwent a complete transformation?

Taylor Schilling, who stars as Piper on the show, faced disappointment in her young acting career. After she graduated from Fordam University in 2006, she booked a job on the Meryl Streep film Dark Matter, but the film never went forward because its subject matter seemed too similar to the Virgina Tech Massacre. “My first job is the only Meryl Streep movie that was shelved,” she said.

But Orange is the New Black has launched her career in a big way, and Schilling says the role has been “life-changing.” She continued: “I have had some people come up to me who have been in the prison system and talk about how much the show seems true to life and how much they appreciate it, and that means so much to me. It’s a pretty cool thing that happens.”

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