Olivia Munn Slams Stars For Sharing Too Much On Social Media

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Fans love learning more about their favorite stars on social media — but how much is too much?

In a recent interview, actress Olivia Munn slammed celebrities for being hypocritical when they share a lot online but then ask for their privacy.

Calling Instagram “the great equalizer,” the Magic Mike actress told The Huffington Post, “You can’t put out so much and then ask for your privacy and expect people to take you seriously all the time.”

She also poked fun at celebs who post selfies without makeup, clearly just looking for the attention of fans who tell them they’re attractive. Check out the video to hear what she said!

“The only reason is to get more followers or get likes,” Olivia continued. “You want the fame and attention … [but] if followers were the number one thing to getting a career, all the Kardashians would be in every big movie of the year.

“As an actor, you have to be able to ask the audience to suspend their disbelief when they watch you [in a movie],” she said. “You can’t put out so much and then ask for your privacy. You can’t put out so much stuff and then expect people to take you seriously all the time… if you’re always posting from every vacation that you’re on, and your relationships, and putting your kids out there.”

Still, Olivia has her own social media accounts, so she admits that she’s part of the celebrity sharing cycle. “I’m sure people are tired of my puppy pictures,” she admitted.


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