Nicki Minaj Sparks Engagement Rumors To Meek Mill With Massive Ring

Photo by Stewart Cook/REX

Photo by Stewart Cook/REX

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj, 32, may be engaged and while all signs seem to be pointing that way, neither Minaj or her boyfriend Meek Mill, 27, have fully confirmed the news.

Minaj has posted several social media messages over the past couple days that hint at an engagement starting with a Twitter post on Wednesday April 15 that featured a diamond ring emoji, yellow heart emoji and diamond emoji along with the words, “I’ll post it later.”

Not long after she then posted a picture of a massive heart shaped diamond ring on the engagement finger, which makes many believe it is in fact official, and after a Twitter follower tweeted at Meek Mill calling him “so lucky” the rapper replied back with a simple, “I am!”

Although the two haven’t publicly announced their engaged status, sources told E! News that it is true, “Both Meek and Nicki have been spending amazing quality time together lately and have gotten extremely close these past few months. It may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100. They truly love each other.”

Very quick indeed as rumors of a relationship between the two only started swirling back in February and Minaj stating in an interview, “We’ve been friends for a very, very long time, and he’s been around for a lot of things that I’ve gone through. And that’s all I’ll say about that.”

Only recently has their romance been more public with Minaj posting many photos of the two together including some very intimate ones of the star posing in black lingerie while draping herself over Meek.

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