Nick Loeb Allegedly Suing Ex Sofia Vergara Over Frozen Embryos

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Before Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello were the hottest engaged couple in Hollywood the Columbian beauty was engaged to businessman Nick Loeb and although they broke up about a year ago, he isn’t ready to part ways with all they had shared.

Things were very serious when the two were engaged and in 2013 they made a contract to cryopreserve embryos in order to attempt to have children by in vitro fertilization, and now even though the relationship is long over, Loeb is suing Vergara to ensure they are not destroyed.

According to InTouch, they obtained the documents that were originally filed in 2014 and were refiled just recently in April 2015 which state that there are two remaining female embryos intact and Loeb “seeks to ensure that the Female Embryos are not destroyed, but Jane Doe refuses to agree to their preservation under all circumstances.”

Loeb also describes instances of Vergara physically abusing him which makes it unclear why he would still want to use her eggs for his future children but a source told the magazine, “Nick is very emotionally invested in these female embryos because he’s pro-life and believes life begins at conception. Nick has always wanted to be a father and will do whatever it takes to save these two remaining female embryos.”

Vergara has not yet publicly responded to news of the lawsuit.

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