Nicholas Brendon Slams Dr. Phil Interview After Walking Off Set

Photo By: Derek Storm/Everett Collection

Photo By: Derek Storm/Everett Collection

Nicholas Brendon, best known as Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is speaking out and defending himself after a disastrous interview with Dr. Phil in which he walked off set on Wednesday, September 16.

In the episode, Dr. Phil questioned Brendon’s sobriety after the star had been through numerous legal troubles this year alone after being arrested three times and going to rehab in June, and especially took offence when Dr. Phil questioned his mother actions.

After the episode air, the 44-year-old actor took to his Facebook to write a lengthy post about the episode beginning with, “It was extremely sad that the producers decided to sensationalize and exaggerate the already-disappointing events of the past year, especially the events of the week leading up to taping. A few things I need to clarify, for the sake of my family and loved ones.” In the episode Dr. Phil had “hard words” for Brendon’s mother because she did not take him to therapy after he had been sexually abused as a child, causing the actor to defend his mother first.

“Dr. Phil had some hard words for my mother, who I love dearly and who I have caused more heartache than I care to remember.  When I was molested as a child, it was 1982. Therapy wasn’t talked about and accepted the way it is today. Going to therapy in 1982 would be similar to getting a divorce in 1950. It wasn’t done, and if it was, it wasn’t supported by those around you. There certainly were not the kind of resources that fortunately exist for abused children today. My mother, a victim of child abuse herself, was convinced by others that the best thing for me was to just put it behind us and move forward. My mother regrets this deeply, and it hurt me that Dr. Phil took her to task for not forcing me into treatment at the time.  My mother has always done the best she can for her children, and if any of you have parents that have never made a wrong turn, bravo. If you know a child in danger, treatment is the answer, even if they don’t want it.”

He went on to explain himself and admit he did get drunk the night before filming the episode and, along with commending those battling with issues like his, he also stated: “By no means am I a perfect person, but I am also not the monster as portrayed by this show.”

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