NBC Is Reviving ‘Coach’ With Craig T. Nelson



It has been increasingly clear that the entertainment industry has quickly been running out of original money-making material, luckily however, fans can’t get enough of the reboots, leading to an onslaught of fan favorite series and movies making their way back to our screens.

With Fox exciting fans with the news of the X-Files comeback, NBC has now announced their latest series to stage a comeback will be Coach, and to make it even better Craig T. Nelson will be back reprising his role as college football coach Hayden Fox.

The original sitcom aired from 1987-1997, with the network announcing they have picked up 13 episodes of the reboot which will be taking place almost twenty years after Coach originally aired on ABC.

Although towards the end of the first series, the show focused on Fox’s relationship with his daughter, the new Coach will focus on Fox’s adopted son who grew up to be a football coach like his father. “Hayden has retired from the gridiron but is called back home to assist his grown son, who is coaching a start-up college team in Pennsylvania,” People magazine reports of the plot line for the revived show.

With the announcement, NBC is looking to keep Nelson as part of the talent of their network after he just finished the sixth and final season of the hit show Parenthood.

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Telisa Carter

Telisa Carter

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