Naya Rivera And Lea Michele Catfight On Glee Set?

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.comWoo. Season 6 of Glee is on it’s way. For those of you who lost track, this is season 5-too-many. For the faithful Gleeks out there, however, it’s the best time of the year. So, we need to figure out what in the world is going on in the blissful, “We love everyone, everyone is accepted” world of Glee!?

Rumors are flying in town, across the message boards and through gossip media: Was there a huge fight on the set of Glee? It seems that something went down, and now that something has been pushed through multiple filters serving as variations on the truth. Let’s try and get to the bottom of this–we just can’t have dissidence among the occasionally, gleeful dissonance.

According to multiple sources, there was a little rift that developed between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. There are several versions of what happened, but ultimately, it boils down to being personal. Some sources are alleging that Lea was slowing a work day, addressing personal issues–Naya took exception, and complained, then Lea found out and stormed off set.

Other factions (Team Lea) have alleged that Naya was causing problems on set, and making for an incredibly difficult day of shooting, so she was asked to leave set. Some sources have even suggested that Naya Rivera was fired from the show.

Was there an actual disagreement between the two? Probably so. They’re both entitled starlets who actually think that there is a plethora of jobs waiting for them on the backside of this show, so why should they find a way to get along?

Brass tacks? Lea Michele is Glee now. No Lea… no Glee. So, if any of these rumors are true, there is no doubt that the producers have sided with Lea…

If… there was a side to choose from…

What better way to publicize a show that has steadily lost viewers, than to drum up some “real life” drama associated with the show? And it’s all free publicity!? Heck, we’ve taken the bait at Fame10–sign us up for the claw-flashing cat fights!

Get more of a taste from this dish in the video below!

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