Mike Tyson’s Incredibly Bizarre ‘Chelsea Lately’ Interview (Video)

Helga Esteb /

An interview with Mike Tyson bears remarkable similarities to old footage of the late, great Andy Kaufman. The two fellas express(ed) intent as different as night and day, but the result is always the same: you never know what you’re gonna get when they’re in the presence of a camera. Iron Mike always offer a delicious slice of WTF during interviews, and he stayed true-to-form when he stopped by to chat with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. Tyson was charmed by Chelsea’s always-atypical line of questioning, and he more than obliged to answer the oddities she conjured. In fact, I think Iron Mike might have set his interest on a new sidekick, as he remarked to Chelsea that she wasn’t like “other white people” –whatever that means. The banter between the two was playful, a little bit dangerous and also offered a glimpse at a potential bond and growing friendship between the two. Mike Tyson is possibly one of the most enigmatic individuals of the 20th and 21st century popular culture. There is something about him that suggests a completely tender spirit, but that he also may have been raised by wolves. Tyson has been candid in recent interviews about his struggles with sobriety, and how he finally chose to fight to stay sober only a few short months ago. The former heavyweight champ has been making the talk show rounds, and promoting his autobiography, “Undisputed Truth,” as well as his one-man show of the same name, which will soon hop the pond for an extended performance engagement in London. No doubt, the Brits will fall in love with Tyson’s candor, just as we have stateside. Check out the highlights of the interview in the video below:


James Sheldon