Melissa Rivers Responds To Joan Rivers Oscar Snub

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No. The late Joan Rivers wasn’t up for an award, but she was certainly worthy of making the “In Memoriam” montage.

Frankly, the problem of people being left out of the “In Memoriam” segment of The Oscars could be easily solved. Kill the segment. They can never list everyone–they left out Elaine Stritch for the love of entertainment–so it wasn’t that surprising that Joan Rivers didn’t make the cut.

Melissa could have been catty about the “snub,” but she remained classy, and said “It would’ve been nice…” Bottom line, here’s why Joan was left out of the mix: she literally started feuds with so many people in cinema. Especially actresses. And someone made the judgement call that they’d rather not put her into the mix to garner any eye-rolls, or snorts, or pfffts… Yes. Joan did so much for “women in the biz,” but she was also hateful, shallow and downright obnoxious towards others.

So, all the celebs, pseudo-celebs and fans who thought Joan was snubbed, well, I thought Richard Linklater was snubbed for a couple awards on the evening. Some thought Michael Keaton got a snub from voters. That’s the way it goes when you get into subjective competitions, and “In Memoriam” montages.

Yes, Joan was listed on the official Oscar site, as were many others who were left off the list–Elaine Stritch for the love of entertainment!? She was kind of a crusty old gal herself, but goodness, beloved by her industry peers. And anyone who wants to see everyone who was “lost” from the world of cinema–between the past two Academy Awards–can venture to the site and check all of that out.

For a few others who were “snubbed,” as well as fan reactions to Joan being left out of the montage, check out the video below.


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