Martha Stewart Opens Up About Sister’s Tragic Death

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Martha Stewart has opened up, and expressed her sorrow following the death of her sister, Laura Plimpton.

Martha recently took to her blog space to share a few thoughts about her sister, and the unexpected death. The tragedy occurred after Laura completed her morning workout routine, then took a shower. It has been reported that she felt ill, and was concerned enough that she called her husband to aid her.

Tragically, a massive aneurysm had developed in Laura’s brain, and the medical professionals were unable to save her, once she was delivered to the hospital. She was kept on life support, following the cessation of brain activity. This was in adherence to her living will. She was taken off life support at the request of her family after they had all been notified and gathered in Connecticut. She was 59 years old.

Martha expressed thanks and gratitude for her sister in a memorial blog post. She boasted of Laura’s life, and complimented her sister as being wonderful at everything she took part in. She expressed sorrow at the passing of her sister, yet joy at the fact that Laura was an organ donor, and would be offering a new lease on life to many in need of transplant.

Martha’s relationship with her sister was more than familial. Laura was a high-ranking employee for Martha, and was integral in helping to manage Martha’s reputation after the insider trading incident, and subsequent arrest and trial, now 10 years ago. Laura gushed about her sister, her kindness, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her desire to employ so many people.

To see more from Martha’s blog post, watch the video below.


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