Mariah Carey Suffers Major Lip Syncing Fail

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Many fans are well aware that even the best singers sometimes use lip-syncing during performances in order to put on the best show possible, and they do such a good job it, it is hard to tell they aren’t really singing.

Unfortunately for Mariah Carey however at one of her most recent performances, she didn’t even try to hide the fact she was lip syncing and often times just stopped moving her mouth all together.

Carey performed at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica on Friday January 30 where tons of fans paid upwards of $200 to hear Carey sing her famous tunes but they quickly went online to slam her performances after being disappointed.

“All Mariah did was lip sync…I guess the crowd was more excited to see Mariah perform than to listen for a genuine performance,” an attendee commented on the website for The Jamaican Observer, and another fan wrote a similar review, “She was lipping all night […] She didn’t do one live song.”

Meanwhile reports also indicate that at one point a large part of the crowd had had enough and began to shout, “We want the real Mariah!”

This problematic performance comes only a month after a much buzzed about Christmas Tree Lighting performance at the Rockefeller Center where Carey struggled to hit her famous high notes and sounded nothing like she used to.

These issues do not bode well for Carey’s recently announced residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which is already suffering from lower than projected ticket sales according to reports.

The pop diva has seemingly been having problems focusing on stage since her split from husband Nick Cannon who filed for divorce in December after six years of marriage.

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