Mariah Carey Gets Second Chance At Tree Lighting

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Mariah Carey made NBC executives really mad on Tuesday December 2 when she showed up more than three hours late to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony.

The superstar was supposed to attend a scheduled taped performance for the ceremony but instead lived up to her mega-diva reputation by being super late.

The reasoning however was that apparently Carey was too busy discussing her divorce proceedings from husband Nick Cannon with her lawyer and when she did show up to the Rockefeller Center super late she was apparently still on the phone.

Whatever the reason, NBC was angry and actually sent the star away even though Mariah insisted she really wanted to perform and did not want to disappoint anybody.

As a result LeAnn Rimes tweeted, “My whole day tmrw just changed! You’ll be hearing more of me #rockefeller #fun #lastminuteaddition TUNE IN!!!” suggesting due to Mariah’s unceremonious departure she would be getting more time.

While things seemed pretty tense between Carey and NBC executives however, they still booked her to perform live tonight for the tree lighting ceremony and are counting on her to arrive on time to perform.

This change prompted another tweet from Rimes reading, “Lol well, plans changed! I love this business, cracks me up! Cannot WAIT to perform tonight! #HIPPO #OneChristmasEP.”

It seems when celebrities such as Mariah Carey are involved you can’t even light a tree without there being major drama surrounding it.

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