Maria Menounos Car Attacked…With A Tire Iron (WATCH)

Helga Esteb /


Come on, people. Who throws a tire iron? Really. Maria Menounos was recently stopped by a TMZ reporter, and asked about her automotive incident.

Maria Menounos touched down in New York City for an event, loaded up her things and her small crew into an SUV, then took off for the location. Not far into their drive from the airport, the rear window of their vehicle was shattered.

The first thought: “Someone is shooting at us.” Everyone in the car dropped toward the floorboard, terrified of an impending assault. Nothing happened. After a few moments, Maria sat up to assess the situation, and make sure everyone was OK. After checking everything out, they found the cause of the incident: a tire iron.

The group was in a hurry to get to their event, so they drove with the rear glass missing from the car, and allowed police to do what they could in terms of an investigation. One would have to presume it’s not very much.

At this point, it is thought that someone threw the tire iron from another vehicle, or from the roadside, but there’s also a chance it could have been road debris that came flying from the other side of the freeway.

Whatever the case, the tire iron had to have been coming at an impressive rate of speed. Auto glass will break, but rarely does it shatter as it did. And considering the vehicle in motion, and someone having to throw the tire iron at a rate to match the vehicle’s speed… and cause such damage to the glass? Hmmm. A strange occurrence.

To see Maria’s take on the incident, check out the video below.


James Sheldon