Madonna Reveals She Was Hurt In Scary Stage Fall

Photo by David Fisher/REX

Photo by David Fisher/REX

No matter how long you have been performing, or how many times you’ve rehearsed, not everything can go as planned for even the biggest stars and, unfortunately, it was none other than Madonna who learned that during her performance at the Brit Awards on Wednesday February 25.

On video, the fall looks pretty severe as the Material Girl is yanked backwards down a set of stairs as the result of a wardrobe malfunction when her gigantic cape did not untie at her neck when it was supposed to.

With some serious professionalism however, she carried on and assured fans later on social media that she was “fine” but as it turns out she was a little more hurt than she let on.

“I didn’t hurt my butt, I hurt my head,” the 56-year old star said during a taping of The Jonathan Ross Show. “I know how to fall. I’ve fallen off my horse many times, and I tucked, and I have good core strength… but the thing is, I had a little bit of whiplash,, and I smacked the back of my head. So, there was a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3 a.m. making sure I was still compos mentis,” she explained.

Of course, the incident was painful in another way as it was Madonna’s first performance at the Brit Awards in 20 years and turned into a disaster instead of the amazing comeback she had planned.

“It was a horrible nightmare, because I like to be amazing, ” she admitted. “Seriously, I rehearse and I rehearse and I rehearse, so that when I do show’s it’s effortless and I create magic, and I did the opposite. I actually created a horror show for everyone.”

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