Madonna Makes Out With A Shocked Drake At Coachella

Photo by David Fisher/REX

Photo by David Fisher/REX

Sure Amy Schumer and Amber Rose locked lips at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards this past weekend, but that isn’t the big celebrity kiss that everyone is talking about come Monday morning.

Madonna and Drake had a shocking makeout session at Coachella on Sunday April 12 and it seems it wasn’t only the audience weirded out by the interaction, Drake’s reaction is definitely not one of happiness after Madonna plants one on him.

The 56-year old pop star made a surprise appearance during Drake’s headline performance at the huge music festival in Southern California with the 28-year old rapper introducing Madge by performing his track “Madonna” from his newest album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

Madonna appeared in a sexy outfit wearing thigh-high boots, fishnets and a tank top reading “Big As Madonna” and began dancing around Drake performing her 1994 single “Human Nature” while he sat on a chair. Things got wild however when she went in for a makeout session with the rap star, and while at first he seemed into it, his expression when she finally pulled away was less than pleased.

Madonna made her performance by announcing, “I’m Maddona b–ch,” while Drake stated, “Oh sh-t, what the f-ck just happened?”

The moment, especially considering Drake’s disgusted reaction, has now gone viral as fans try to decide why that happened and if Drake really was that freaked out.

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