Little People, Big World Star Audrey Roloff Gets Shamed For The Way She Dresses Her Daughter

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Source: Instagram

Audrey Roloff has been generous in sharing photos of her newborn daughter on social media, but surprisingly some fans have responded quite negatively!

Audrey recently shared a photo of her 5-week-old daughter Ember lying on a plush blanket hugging an adorable teddy bear. Ember is wearing a onesie with the slogan “Always More Milk,” brown tights and a silk head wrap.

“Omg . . . She is so cute. Not crazy though . . . how her mother dresses her. What happened to cute little dresses . . . not ugly colored leggings. Lol . . .” wrote one critic.

Another commented, “She cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights. Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The onesie needs help!”

A third added, “Lose the Aunt Jemima scarf!”

Aubrey did not directly address the critics, but many fans came to her defense with one commenting, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe don’t say anything at all?”

Audrey and husband Jeremy Roloff welcomed their daughter Ember jean on September 10. Jeremy revealed to Us Weekly that they are quite confident in their new parenting role but confessed, ” think we’re ready for this journey, but are we prepared? No. I don’t think you can be prepared. Similarly to marriage, you just do it and it happens and then you kind of catch up to it.”

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