Lindsay Lohan’s Completed Community Service Being Questioned

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The Lindsay Lohan saga continues as the struggling star is still waiting to find out if her community service hours will be enough to keep her out jail.

Last week it was discovered that Lohan, 28, still had not finished the 240 hours of community service that were part of her plea deal for her 2012 reckless driving case, even though she had already been given additional time when she didn’t meet the November 6, 2014 deadline.

Lohan was given until Wednesday January, 28 to finish up her remaining hours and her lawyer showed up today with paperwork proving she had done just that.

The paperwork stated that Lohan had completed 80 hours within nine days but if Lohan thought she was off the hook, the judge wasn’t that lenient. Turns out some of Lohan’s “community service” hours went towards meeting and greeting with fans outside of her London play, which the City Attorney does not feel is acceptable to put towards the hours.

Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Holley argued however that the facility that kept track of and signed off on the hours was approved by the previous judge and obviously thought the hours counted.

Regardless, TMZ reports the City Attorney is going to take two weeks to investigate exactly how much time Lohan put towards what and also said if he doesn’t feel satisfied with the results of his investigation, “jail time is still on the table.”

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