Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized With Rare, Incurable Virus

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Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break! Even after she has apparently cleaned up her act and put herself back on the right track, she is still having horrible luck.

TMZ has reported that the 28-year old former star has been hospitalized in her new hometown of London, England after complaining of extreme joint pain.

It seems Lohan has contracted a rare and incurable virus called Chikungunya while she was on vacation in Bora Bora over the Christmas holidays.

The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes with symptoms including fever, joint pain and fatigue which she began to suffer from before New Year’s after she returned from her trip for a commercial shoot in L.A.

After returning to her home in London Lohan’s pain became so bad she couldn’t walk and was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital where it was discovered she had contracted the disease.

Although the virus is not curable, it is not fatal but the site also reports that her unbearable joint pain could last for several months. Lohan, however, is getting the best care possible at the hospital where the Queen is also treated when illness strikes.

Lohan has previously gushed about her love of living in England after being cast in a play there and deciding to stay. “I can go for a run here on my own. I do every morning, and I think how my friends in New York would still be up partying at that time. I needed to grow up and London is a better place for me to do that than anywhere else.”

Hopefully Lindsay gets better soon!

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