Lindsay Lohan And Mother Sue Fox News Over Cocaine Claim

Photo by Photofab/REX

Photo by Photofab/REX

Lindsay Lohan is yet again dealing with the law but this time it is her that went to them with the issue.

Lohan and her mother Dina Lohan are suing Fox News, host Sean Hannity and journalist Michelle Fields for defamation surrounding a segment on the show in February 2014 in which Fields stated that Lindsay and her mother snorted cocaine together.

Two days after the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman due to a heroin overdose, Hannity and the panel were discussing drug use causing death in celebrities with a discussion around celebrities such as Hoffman, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.

The discussion then turned to speculation of who would be next when Fields stated, “Lindsay Lohan’s mom is doing cocaine with her,” suggesting Lohan could possibly die the same way.

Lohan immediately reacted to the claim calling it a “malicious innuendo” with her lawyer stating, “Fox News Channel broadcasted a blatantly false, malicious, defamatory and reckless statement […] the outrageously slanderous and defamatory staement was made by Fox News Channel’s guest Michelle Fields.”

According to The Daily Mail, Fox News claimed to have responded right away through an apology as well as removing that clip from the channel’s website however the Lohans claim that is not enough or in fact that never happened, causing them to continue on with their lawsuit a year after the incident.

Lohan has previously admitted to doing cocaine and in 2012 her father recorded the troubled star telling him that her mother was on coke and acting hysterical. Lindsay later said she lied about her mother doing coke while Dina always denied any drug use and stated that Lindsay was “just trying to hurt me.”

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