Lena Dunham Makes Jimmy Fallon Incredibly Uncomfortable

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Whenever Lena Dunham drops by to see Jimmy Fallon, audiences can always rest assured she’s going to make things awkward, and likely embarrass the host. This is due to her latent, fantastical obsession with Jimmy, and the likelihood that she did a little youthful, “personal exploration” with Jimmy as the prized object of affection. Ugh.

Lena was a guest on The Tonight Show, Wednesday night, and she confessed a funny little something to Jimmy. It went from cute and funny to incredibly awkward with a single statement. Sure, it was harmless, but it was so odd. Talk about never being invited over to the Fallon household for… anything!

Lena’s HBO comedy Girls has slipped in the ratings, after enjoying tremendous success for the first couple of seasons. It seems that audiences are less interested in the schtick of nudity, sex and cynicism of people who don’t usually get nude and have sex on TV. Ratings have suggested that viewers are flipping away from HBO to something else, just before Girls begins. Ouch.

Regardless, Lena keeps on pumping out episodes, and taking off her clothes from time to time. The show is enjoying enough success that the fourth season is a go–there’s no reason to fret if you’re a hardcore fan. If you’ve never seen the show, you can catch the Season 3 finale this weekend.

If you haven’t seen the show, you should, so you can be just like Jimmy Fallon, and made completely uncomfortable by Lena Dunham.

Wanna know what Lena said, and why she’s always making Jimmy lean back in his hosting chair? Check out the video below to see her take it one sentence too far.

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