Lea Michele Teen Vogue Photo Shoot with BF Jonathan Groff!

Helga Esteb /

Glee star Lea Michele is debuting her first album on February 28 — and Teen Vogue has made her their cover girl for the March 2014 issue.

Called Louder, the album features single “Cannonball” among a variety of songs. “It just really morphed into something that I’m incredibly proud of. There are those super fun songs that you can roll down the windows and dance around to,” the 27 year-old explained. “It has some edgy, darker qualities to it, but again, still has a really fun and vibrant sound to it.”

The Teen Vogue cover was inspired by soft photographs from the 1970s, but with a twist on hair and makeup to make it modern. The look is dreamy and ethereal, with lots of whites, pastels, curly/wavy hair and soft-and-flowy-yet-slim-and-sexy clothes. Check out the video to see Lea’s gorgeous look!

The shoot was also special because Lea’s best friend and Glee co-star Jonathan Groff was there being photographed too.  “We get each other better than any other two people on the planet,” Lea gushed about him. “The fact that we can be at work together is so much fun.”

“I have a connection with Lea that I don’t have with anybody else in my life, and I think I never will,” Jonathan said. Watch the video for shots of the two besties together!


Amanda Young