Kylie Jenner Addresses Outcry Over Recent Photo Posts

Helga Esteb /

She was doing a photo shoot with black light and neon, people.

Woo. It’s gotta be tough living under a microscope, only to have everything you do heavily critiqued by the pundits and the public. Such is the life of a Kardashenner. And it’s likely the singular reason anthropologists have to be laughing at our society. We make these people our lightning rods, and reward them with millions upon millions upon millions of dollars… Or, maybe it’s the millions upon millions that have made them our lightning rods? Yeah. That’s it.

Kylie posted a few photos from this recent photo shoot, and many people thought she was wearing black-face. No, wearing black-face, without the intent of being completely ironic for sake of art or comedy, is totally unacceptable. Well, unacceptable according to the unwritten laws of society, and legitimately unacceptable in the realm of professional stage and screen performance. Again, unless it is done for the sake of art or comedy.

After taking verbal jab after verbal jab via social media, Kylie stood up for herself, and for her makeup, letting fans and foes know that she wasn’t in black-face, she was in makeup for black light, giving her a metallic sheen that some felt looked like a really well-done black-face.

Honestly, looking at the photos, it’s surprising people thought she was shooting in black-face. She looks more like an android (no, not the operating system) from an old-school science fiction jam. Either way, Kylie assured everyone that her make up was done for the effect of being really, really cool, not really, really offensive.

See for yourself, and hear Kylie’s incomprehensible defense in the video below.


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