Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis, Jesse Eisenberg To Star In Woody Allen Film

Debby Wong /

Woody Allen keeps pumping out the films, year after year. Regardless of how his films rest under your palate, you have to appreciate his tenacity, and ability to churn out something new every year.

It looks like he’s assembling his cast for the next go’round, and it’ll include the underrated Kristen Stewart. Regardless of the personal misgivings and silliness that she experienced as a young woman, she’s got a set of acting chops that are enviable.

For those who will forever see her as the girl in Twilight, it is worth knowing: she was just awarded the Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film, Clouds of Sils Maria. The Cesar Awards are the French equivalent of The Oscars, and as we all know, the French know film.

But I digress.

Kristen will be joined in the cast by her Adventureland co-star, Jesse Eisenberg, and that guy who played Butch in Pulp Fiction. That’s right, Bruce Willis. Kristen and Bruce will be Woody Allen rookies, and Jesse Eisenberg will enjoy his second foray with the enigmatic and deliciously odd director.

As it always is with Woody, you won’t know what the film is about until he releases it. There will be no grand announcement for the trailer, or advanced ticket sales or red carpet buzz… it’ll be a solid film with a great cast. And every few films, Woody really catches lightning in a bottle.

This cast is quite intriguing. There is a draw in these names that isn’t always found in Woody Allen pics. Not since Midnight in Paris in 2011 has Woody assembled such quirky A-listers… and he’s adding John McClane from Die Hard.


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