Kelly Ripa And Anderson Cooper Get Raunchy On ‘WWHL’

Miro Vrlik Photography /

You never know what might happen when certain personalities get together. This is especially true of certain TV personalities who happen to be old friends, and who happen to be slated on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on the same night.

There is something that happens to people when they step on the set of Watch What Happens Live. It’s a mixed bag, and you never know what someone might say or do. Maybe the crew serves the guest water with a side of Sodium Pentothal?

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper are two very witty, very fun individuals, and when the two of them start playing, it’s impossible not to play along. This can be said of any interview they offer, or any appearance they make.

Whey they stopped by Watch What Happens Live, the pair were promoting the fact that they’ll be co-hosting Live With Kelly & Michael for a couple days, but were asked to engage in a little game called “Clubhouse Quickie.” And yes, it got a little raunchy. And yes, as you’d suspect, it was Kelly who took it there.

The two enjoyed a playful back and forth, talking over one another banter, and then Kelly took it a direction in which she knew Anderson wouldn’t be able to continue. She spread a rash of inappropriate questions, comments, statements and phrases. Then, one particular word shut it down.

To see what the pair had a good laugh about, and how fast Kelly can throw an old friend on a virtual roller coaster, check out the video below.


James Sheldon