Keira Knightley Says She’s Not Worried About Getting Older

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Afraid of turning 30? Not Keira Knightley!

While the 29 year-old Pirates of the Carribean star will turn 30 in March, she says she’s not concerned about getting older.

In the November issue of Glamour magazine, the actress opened up about getting older, married life and whether she’d want her kids to follow in her acting footsteps.

“I’m not actually worried about turning 30. Because, honestly, my early 20s were not much fun,” Keira explained. “Then, after 25, things just got better and better. Maybe you stop caring as much about where you should be going and what other people think.”

Her sentiment is shared by Olivia Wilde, who also talked about turning 30 for Glamour. She referred to the age as the “Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome stage.” Perhaps these young actresses are on to something!

Keira has always been something of an old soul. “I reached my peak of grown-up behaviour at 20 and 21, and it’s been downhill since then,” she joked. “I was terribly sensible as a teenager but I’ve got far less so as I’ve grown up, which has been a huge relief for everyone – including my parents.”

Keira also says that she wouldn’t recommend her future children go into acting. “I would say to my daughter: ‘Be a doctor or a lawyer – something stable and useful,” she said. 

Check out the video for more from Keira’s interview, including thoughts on how her looks have impacted her career.

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