Kate Upton Told To Lose Weight

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Kate Upton has some of the hottest curves in the modeling world — but she’s had to face some haters along the way.

In fact, some people in the modeling industry have even told Kate to lose weight.

In the new issue of Elle UK, the 22 year-old bombshell says that growing up in Florida made her wish for a curvy body, since that’s what’s considered sexy where she’s from. For a long time, she didn’t have the curves, and when she finally got them, she was excited. “I’ve been begging for this body my whole life!” she said.

But in the modeling world, some people pressure her to be thinner. “Agents have put me under pressure to lose weight in the past,”  she explained.

“I would go on set and clients loved me. And then I would go into an agency and feel like crap about myself. They would say: ‘Just lose five more [pounds]!’ But I couldn’t give a crap,” she said. “I still don’t.”

But even though she’s confident about her body, Kate faces insecurities just like every other woman. “I like myself in general, but there are days when you just don’t,” she said.

In the mag, Kate shows off her curves in some mod styles for fall. Check out the video to see the pics — and hear more from her candid interview!


Amanda Young