Kate Hudson Reveals How To Get A Body Like Hers

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Actress Kate Hudson is not shy about showing off her body.

In films like Fool’s Gold and Bride Wars, the 35-year shows off her body in revealing outfits and bikinis and she has every right to with her incredibly toned physique, that many women strive for.

The mom of two always looks stunning from head to toe and it was no different when she was attending the inaugural Love In for Kids event on Friday November 21, put together by her equally gorgeous and timeless mother, Goldie Hawn, 69.

At the event Kate said there are no secrets on how to get a body like hers, it is actually very simple, “You [have to] work your ass off. That is the only way,” she said while explaining her personal routine consists of a lot of running and Pilates.

She said that hard work also means dedication, “I wouldn’t say [I work out] a lot, just consistently. People think for some reason you have to work out for two and a half hours but, it can be a little. You [just] can’t do two weeks and go do two days, then take a week off, and be like, ‘Why aren’t I in shape?’

“I always want there to be some sort of secret but there just isn’t,” she added.

Hudson is also using her great physique for her new athletic wear company, Fabletics which she designs and models for, but she is also still acting with one film in post-production for 2015.

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