JWoww Gets Second Breast Implants After Birth Of Daughter

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Former Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley, 28, is not shy about discussing her appreciation of plastic and cosmetic surgery. She’s been very open about her breast implants and insists she’s open to her daughter getting them when she’s older.

“I want my daughter to have self confidence” Jenni said of a potential procedure when her daughter grows up. “I want her to be secure. If she has a problem with her nose or her boob, or if there’s something she would really like to fix that would improve her confidence, why not?”

On February 2 the reality star showed off her post-baby body in an Instagram picture in which she is wearing a skin tight “waist cincher” that also revealed the results of her second breast augmentation, giving her size 34F breasts.

Calling it her “Ten Year Boob Makeover” on her blog on February 9, she was inspired to write about her breasts after many commented on her Instagram picture.

“I got my first one ten years ago after being inspired by my girl crush Carmen Electra – she had the most amazing boobs I had ever seen and I had to get them! […] Stephen T. Greenberg MD literally gave me the most perfect boob job! I went up to 34F and couldn’t be happier!”

While she was very happy with the results, Farley went on to explain that real or fake, breasts change with pregnancy.

“But ten years later and with the birth of my angel baby Meilani, they had changed a bit, especially with breastfeeding! I wanted them really badly and Roger was kind of like ‘If you have to go do it…’ He loves me just the way I am, but he’s not complaining about the upgrade now LMAO!”

Aside from discussing her newest assets, she revealed in the post that she wanted them done before her wedding to Roger and before her second child. “I’m so excited for these big moments to happen in our lives and 2015 is definitely our year! Plus baby Meilani needs a younger sister or brother to play with…or boss around.”

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