Justin Bieber’s Party Gets Busted By Police

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Fresh off a trip from Europe which lasted several weeks, it seems Justin Bieber held himself a homecoming party but had a few uninvited guests.

Bieber had only been back in L.A. a few hours before the police showed up at his door after receiving noise complaints after 11pm.

When they showed up at the star’s condo the police did not hear excessive noise, so they left again, only to return a couple of hours later.

Around 12:40am, after more complaints the police arrived to find 30-40 party guests hanging out on Bieber’s balcony.

While there wasn’t excessively loud music or screaming, that many people tend to just make a lot of noise.

Justin was apparently extremely cooperative when the cops spoke to him and he asked most of the people to leave immediately, breaking up the party.

Technically Justin was supposed to be out of his condo by the end of September but has not had time to find a new place yet.

While this incident ended peacefully, it is only one case in a string of legal issues that Bieber has been involved in recently.

After DUI charges the young singer was recently arrested in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario when he crashed the ATV he was driving with girlfriend, Selena Gomez and was charged with assault and dangerous driving.

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