Justin Bieber Spotted With New Girl At Clippers Game

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Justin Bieber has a new lady in his life — and yes, she’s a model.

Justin and Ashley Moore, both 21, were spotted cuddling rather close at a recent Clippers-Wizards game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Justin wrapped his arm around the bruntette and looked to kiss her on the forehead. Check out the video to see their cute and flirty interaction!

But are they dating?

Not officially. Justin’s rep told E! News that Justin and Ashley are “just friends.”

Other sources also confirmed that Justin and Ashley are not dating. “Nothing romantic has ever happened with them,” claimed one source.  “They have always been fun and flirty friends like they showcased at the game but nothing more. They are very supportive of each other.” (Ashley is also a singer.)

To be fair, Justin and Ashley were with other friends at the game, too (you can read some Vines and tweets about their fun night). Justin didn’t post anything about it, though.

Justin has mostly been posting on social media about his upcoming Comedy Central roast, which features comedians like Kevin Hart and Natasha Leggero and airs March 30. Justin also appears in the “Shape issue” April 2015 issue of Vogue magazine, alongside Kendal Jenner.

Check out the video to see Justin’s new girl:


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