Justin Bieber Charged With Criminal Assault!

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So, let’s get this straight. The Biebs was arrested for drag racing, reckless endangerment, DUI and resisting arrest in Florida. He dropped a small amount of coin for bail, hopped a jet to Panama to bang his flavor of the month, and there he’s informed that he has been charged with criminal assault in his home country of Canada? Who does this guy think he is? Chris Brown?

Justin recently traveled from Panama to Canada to turn himself in for the most recent charges. They stemmed from an incident when he was alleged to have had a physical altercation with a limo driver. This isn’t a new story, but the warrant is. It seems there has be some truth to it.

And to compound the arrest, the bad news just keeps pouring in for Beliebers, as 100,000 people in the United States have signed a petition for The Biebs deportation. It has been offered it to the White House. That stated… if we’re honest, he could be a angelic force for good, and people would still sign an online petition to give him the boot.

One can only lambaste a person so many times before feeling sorry for them. And if Justin was simply playing 19 year old rebel, and flying the middle finger to everyone, including those who were the positive influences in his life, then sure, let’s throw him to the dogs one more time.

Unfortunately, with his arrest in Florida we also learned that his colossal douche of a father was allegedly a participant in the evening, even stopping traffic to aid in the drag racing. And the cocktail of prescription drugs that Justin allegedly had in his system? Those were from mama. This kind of stuff makes you feel like the kid never stood a chance to begin with. He’s simply the cash cow to keep the leeches and ticks full enough to pop. And they all want him to go to rehab!? Good on them! They want someone else to fix the problems they helped to cause. Ain’t that the way of it?

Gonna be a very interesting 2014 for The Biebs. Check out the video below for details on his arrest in Canada.

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