Jude Law Explains How He Gained 30 Pounds

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Jude Law had to gain 30 pounds for a film role — and he says it wasn’t easy!

The usually svelte actor, 41, needed to put on  spare tire for the title role in the upcoming film Dom Hemingway. 

“I was banned from exercise and just encouraged to eat all the wrong stuff,” he told reporters at the New York City premiere of the film this week. “I ate a lot of red meat, a lot of steaks and burgers, and ice cream.”

What was his favorite ice cream flavor? “Cookies ‘n cream,” he dished, adding, “but I’ll be happy if I never see another tub of it again in my life.”

You’ll also be shocked to learn how much soda Jude drank to put on the pounds. “I’m not a big gorger, so it was the Coca-Cola that got me,” he said. “I was drinking five to ten a day, and I just got kind of sick of it.” We’d be sick of five to ten sodas a day, too.

Luckily, Jude is now back to his normal healthy lifestyle, including exercising. “I was really happy to be able to go for a run!” he says of being finished with the film.

Jude is no stranger to physically transforming for a film. For 2010’s Repo Men, he did the opposite of the Dom Hemingway plan and did intense workouts including kettlebells, deadlifts, pull-ups and dragging chains.


Amanda Young