Juan Pablo Drops Bombshell On Nikki Ferrell (Watch)

Helga Esteb /

The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo is making his way through Couples Therapy — and in the most recent episode, he dropped a huge bombshell.

Juan’s girlfriend Nikki Ferrell has told her castmates that she doesn’t feel Juan Pablo is as committed to the relationship as she is. “I feel like why give someone 100 percent, if they’re not giving you 100 percent?” The 27 year-old theorized. “I still feel like he’s holding back… If I’m always gonna have this feeling like I’m always waiting for him to choose me, the relationship is not gonna work. I feel like he could up and leave from this relationship at any time, and he’ll be completely fine with it.”

Juan Pablo says that it all comes down to those three infamous words: “I love you.”

“She wants to hear I love you,” he explained. “It’s a word issue. It’s a feeling. It’s a word.” Still, he claims, “I feel like I cannot be without her. To me it kind of sucks that just three words will make her feel 100 percent confident.”

Nikki responded that the “meaning” of the words is what’s important to her, but he replied, “If I say it, I mean it.”

A lying and truth expert came on the show and interviewed Juan Pablo about the disconnect. “Do you love Nikki” she asked point-blank.

Check out the video to see Juan Pablo’s — and Nikki’s — response.


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