Jon Stewart In Tears After Quitting The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart was nothing less than emotional when he announced that he would be leaving The Daily Show, on The Daily Show.

The crowd was stunned. Stunned. There was an audible, “NO!?” that came from one audience member. Yes, Jon danced around the topic with charm, as he is capable of doing, but in the end, the well of emotions surfaced, and began to overflow.

Of course, Jon was pure comedy throughout the announcement, but this will be the end of an era, and in all likelihood, it will be the end of The Daily Show. They may try someone else as host, but… There are certain shows that you just can’t imagine without the person who took its popularity to the mountaintop.

Talk shows like The Tonight Show and Late Night will go on and on with an appropriate level of charm and consideration to audience demographics, but The Daily Show is often referred to as “Jon Stewart” by so many people.

What we really wanna know: What is Jon Stewart going to do next. Honestly, this guy could probably win the presidency if he wanted to. It seems that he’ll stay far away from politics, but there’s something stirring beneath the surface that he hasn’t revealed quite yet.

On the show he suggested that someone else should have the opportunity to do what he’s been doing for two decades now, but that rings a little half-truthish.

Perhaps he wants to start directing more films, performing live, hitting local joints the world over… honestly, who knows? Regardless of the solid truth, or truths associated with Jon’s departure, we know the rumors will start swirling soon. Especially considering the relative timing to the next major election.

To see Jon make this announcement, check out the video below!


James Sheldon