Joanna Krupa Trashes Brandi Glanville – Watch

Joe Seer /

Hey, Brandi Glanville: You can’t just say whatever you want and get away with it!

That’s the new message from fellow reality star Joanna Krupa, who told TMZ that Brandi is “trailer trash,” among other things.

Here’s how it started: on an episode of E!’s Watch What Happens Live, Brandi asked Andy Cohen, “When was the last time you spoke to Joanna Krupa?” Andy responded that he saw her at the Real Housewives of Miami reunion.

Brandi pressed the issue, dredging up their previous feud and insulting Joanna’s private parts. “Did you get food poisoning from the bad sushi that night? She’s stunning. You can’t help the odor situation.”

Joanna fired back, telling a TMZ reporter, “I’m so pissed off, I think Brandi Glanville is the biggest trailer trash woman out there. She needs to get a life.  I’m happily married.  I’m sorry that your ex husband left you.  Stop talking about it.  Does she have nothing better to do with her life?  She is trailer trash.”

When the reporter pushed for more info, pointing out that Brandi was trying to get Andy Cohen to insult Joanna, she continued, calling Brandi even more names. Check out the video to see her rant!


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