Jim Carrey Reacts To News About Ex Cathriona White’s Suicide Note



Jim Carrey is heartbroken after learning that his former girlfriend Cathriona White addressed a note to him before she committed suicide.

White fatally overdosed on prescription drugs in September 2015, a week after she and Carrey ended their relationship. According to toxicology reports obtained by People, White ingested several medications, including Propranolol, Ambien, Zofran, and Percocet. At least a few of the drugs are believed to have come from Carrey’s home, though White took them without his knowledge.

This week autopsy reports revealed that the young woman had left an emotional letter for Carrey before her fatal overdose. “I’ve spent 3 days now in disbelief that you’re not here. I can go on brokenhearted and try to put the pieces back. I could, I just don’t have the will this time,” she wrote in the letter. She continued, “I’m sorry you felt I wasn’t there for you. I tried to give you my best part.”

White also mentioned funeral arrangements in her note and told Carrey, “I don’t really know about burial or that sort of thing. You are my family so whatever you choose will be fine.”

She concluded the note by writing. “Please forgive me. I’m just not for this world,” and signed it, “Dewdrop,” presumably a nickname that Carrey had given her during their relationship.

In learning about the letter, Carrey expressed his grief. “When I came to Hollywood to make it as a comedian, I soon learned that the details of my private life would be handed out to the media like free dinner vouchers,” the 53-year-old actor said in a statement. “I never dreamed that the people I love most in the world would also be on the menu. What a shame.”


Rachel C