Jennifer Lawrence Sets Guinness World Record

Joe Seer /

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winner and one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood — but now she has another title: Guinness World Record holder.

The 24 year-old has broken the record for the highest-grossing action movie heroine of all time!

Jennifer’s role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series has landed her a place in the record book, which is a surprising feat given that only half of the Hunger Games movies have been released so far. Check out the video to see how much the movies have made worldwide.

Back in 2012, Jennifer remarked that she never wanted to be as famous as Kristen Stewart, who soared to fame with her role in the Twilight series — but it looks like Jennifer may even have surpassed Kristen there.

Guinness also announced some other new records: Miley Cyrus was named the most searched-for pop star on the Internet, Shakira took the title for the most-liked person on Facebook, and Beyonce can brag that her most recent album is now the fastest-selling album on iTunes ever.

HBO’s Game of Thrones was also given a title that it’s probably not that proud of: it’s the most-pirated TV program around the world, with an average of 5.9 million downloads per episode. Apparently, people love it — just not enough to pay for it.


Amanda Young