Jennifer Lawrence Had a Typically Charming Reaction to Her BAFTA Win

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Jennifer is working as often as she wants to, and she now seems to do at least one film per year that will garner her a few nominations. It should have come as no surprise that she was nominated for an Oscar the year after winning her first. Still, it’s the thought of what she’ll do as she continues to mature and log more experience that makes her so attractive as a professional. The girl is not afraid to look ugly for a role, and she’s not even 24. There’s a gracious (and fearless) confidence instilled in this woman.

We’re gonna miss Jennifer when she disappears to start having babies soon. But in the meantime, she’s still happily playing make believe, making some sweet coin while doing so and consistently dropping one-liners that make us lift a brow, grin from ear to ear and think, “She’s such a charmer.”

How does this girl get away with dropping so many F-bombs and come out smelling like a rose? That’s precisely what she did when she learned that she won a BAFTA for her performance in David O. Russell’s American Hustle. J.Law is now accustomed to being nominated for big awards, so she doesn’t really set alerts on her phone, or have anyone call to remind her that a ceremony is taking place.

The BAFTAs basically serves as the British Academy Awards, and due to her shooting schedule, Jennifer wasn’t able to attend–she’s busy revisiting the role of Mystique in X-Men. When she was reminded that the BAFTA awards were taking place, she thought little of it. Then, she was told that she won the BAFTA for her role in American Hustle. She was in disbelief. She thought it was a cruel joke. So cruel of a joke, she offered a typical Jennifer Lawrence quip.

Wanna know what she said? Check out the video below.

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