Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson Want Huge Raise For ‘Fifty Shades’ Sequel

Photo by Camilla Morandi/REX

Photo by Camilla Morandi/REX

To state it, the producers of the Fifty Shades of Grey film should know–they served up an ice cream novelty.

Sure, it killed on opening weekend, and outperformed expectations at the box office; however, any thought that a sequel would garner the same acceptance…? Not a good bet.

Since the initial rush, there has been very little to say about the foray into the fantasies of hard-up movie goers. Yes, there would be the loyalists who will make a second rush to see a sequel on the big screen, but in order for a sequel to happen–which producers are suggesting they want to make for the same amount of money: $40 million– The stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan want more money.

As far as Dakota and Jamie are concerned, they were each paid the sum of $250,000 for their acting work in the first film, plus bonuses based on box office performance. One would have to expect they’re going to enjoy serious cream from that crop. Still, the film pushed into the 9-figure range, and these actors aren’t idiots.

What would it take for the pair to sign on again? A significant pay raise. And will they get it? That’s difficult to say. If both are asking for a cool million guaranteed, it might be a possibility, but anything more than that and the producers will start to crunch numbers to find two other “up and comers” that might be worth the exchange.

It happens all the time. Producers tried to capitalize off the success of 9 1/2 Weeks with a sequel, and it didn’t star Kim Basinger. Yes, the producers stuck with Mickey Rourke,-but they saved some money by avoiding a big name opposite Mikey. They went with “up and comer” model/actress Angie Everhart. Yeah, the film tanked…

And lest we forget the American Psycho sequel without Christian Bale, and starring “up and comer” Mila Kunis? It doesn’t translate to money success. If they’re doing a 50 Shades sequel, here’s a note to producers: pay your players.


James Sheldon