It’s Angelina Jolie vs. Gwyneth Paltrow On Being A Working Mom

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It seems that there are different perspectives on motherhood from working moms. This may come as a shock to you all. Celebrities don’t agree on everything. It’s almost as if they’re just normal people with different ideas…

A few months ago Gwyneth raised eyebrows, and ruffled feathers when she suggested that she had it harder than a lot of working moms. Her statements were made based on her involvement with her children, and the fact that she struggled to be away from them during shooting. It’s not surprising that Gwyneth peeved her haters with such a statement. She irritates many people with the simple act of inhaling. This is still not completely understood, but to each their own.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s Angelina Jolie. Because of her aesthetic beauty, she’s often been mislabeled as a whole lot of things, including a Jezebel home-wrecker due to her relationship with Brad Pitt. Remember how Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston when he and Angelina first hooked up shooting Mr. And Mrs. Smith? That has all but died and gone away, and somehow, Angelina is now beloved by those who were once afraid of her.

She has addressed the same working mom question as Gwyneth, and taken a different stance. Angelina is thankful she’s not a single mom trying to work two jobs, she gets to be with her children, travel with them, provide for them with impressive financial means, and take advantage of several professional perks to ensure their health and well-being.

This “debate” is possibly a comparison of apples and oranges. These two women have chosen to raise their children in very different ways, and they family dynamic is certainly not comparable.

Check out the video below to get the details from this dish.

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