Hallmark Channel’s Cameron Mathison Gives Major Update On His Health

In September of last year, Hallmark Channel host and actor Cameron Mathison took to social media to share a very important update on his health–he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Fortunately, Mathison is doing better now is “cancer-free.”

Recently, Mathison opened up to PEOPLE about his cancer diagnosis and recovery journey and how he has been feeling lately.

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“[I’m] feeling like just remarkably incredible,” he said.

“I was doing the math a little bit. It’s been seven months out from my surgery. And I just could never have imagined that I just I’ve got my energy back, my strength back, I’m cancer-free. I think I’m allowed to say that,” said Mathison with a laugh.

“I guess there’s a window where you have to be a bit careful and do a whole bunch of follow-up tests. It’s a new journey that I’m on right [now], so obviously I don’t want too cocky with it. I’m just so grateful that I feel as good as I do,” he added.

Mathison has been keeping his fans updated about his recovery journey via social media.

When asked about what Mathison learned about health and wellness from his journey, the actor had plenty to say.

“I’ve always been a health-conscious guy. I’ve always been pretty physically active and I’ve always been pretty well, not always, but certainly the last 10 or 15 years [I’ve] been pretty careful what I eat and things like that,” Mathison said.

Although he is a pretty health-focused individual, he took away a lot from his journey.

“One of the main things that I took away from this experience that [there’s] sort of two different aspects to it. So there’s the kind of emotional and the inner experience that I went through and that I learned a lot about. And then there’s also being practical aspects,” he said.

“From the sort of emotional side [and] spiritual side … going through something like this, it was so scary and it was so hard [for my] family and [the] people at home. It allowed us all to connect with other people going through challenges in such a deeper way and to ignore that and not tap into that would be such a mess. So I think I can say for the whole family. Our compassion, our love, our connectedness with others definitely increased.”

On September 10, 2019, Mathison, who is known from his role on All My Children, as well as his appearances in several Hallmark Channel films and as the co-host of the network’s talk show Home & Familyrevealed he had been diagnosed with cancer in an emotional Instagram post. He underwent surgery to treat his kidney cancer the same month.

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