Glee Star, Charice, Reveals More About Her Sexual Identity

Photo by Peter Brooker / Rex


Photo by Peter Brooker / Rex

Charice Pompegnco. She’s gay. That much she let us know last year. But is she ready for gender reassignment surgery? Hold your horses, agenda driven fans. That’s not part of the plan.

Charice Pompegnco recently sat down with Oprah to discuss all things, including her sexuality, coming to know that she was gay, and why she has drastically changed her aesthetic look. Oprah will sometimes cut a corner during and interview, but she never beats around the bush. She cut to the chase in asking Charice about identifying with the male perspective, and somewhere along the line, Charice mentioned that she felt like a man in her soul.

One can only guess what that means. Until hearing that, you might have thought the soul was without gender–where we find our true essence devoid of sexuality. Or is that the point? That our essence is sexuality? There are certainly several dudes who are hosting parties at frat houses tonight who would love for us to believe that. “Baby, have another drink. It’s just my male essence… my soul.”


Charice did suggest that she might don the boy look, but she’s not really interested in making any changes to her body. It seems she’s more interested in attracting girls who are also gay, or might be, and who are more attracted to boys aesthetically, but find the male essence has too much stereotypical fraternity vibe. Yes. When you think about it for awhile, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s an interview, and it’s hosted by Oprah, and that means we should all watch, and nod in unison as she faux-enlightens us.

To see a quick excerpt of Charice’s interview, check out the video below.


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