Final ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer Gives First Glimpse Of The Vision

May 1 just cannot come fast enough as anticipation for the long awaited Avengers sequel has hit an all time high with the third and final trailer officially being released two months ahead of the film’s première.

After the massive success of the first Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron brings back the excellently cast group of superheroes to take on a whole new villain hellbent on destroying humanity, Ultron voiced by James Spader.

In the trailer, fans see more of Ultron and get more of his backstory from both himself and Tony Stark/Iron Man who admits he is the creator of the evil robot, “I tried to create a suit of armor around the world, but I created something terrible. It’s called the Ultron Program,” he explains to Bruce Banner/ The Hulk.

The trailer, of course, shows tons of action and the quick wit of the superheroes, and most importantly at the very end shows the first glimpse of the non-voice role of Paul Bettany as The Vision, who eventually becomes part of the Avengers team.

There are also more shots of some other newcomers as well including Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, a large assortment of superheroes that gave director Joss Whedon quite the headache. “This is the hardest juggling act I have ever, ever tried to pull off,” he exclaimed to SFX magazine.

He went on to explain the difficulty of giving everyone the time and credit they deserve without it being too out of control or looking out of place. “They’re very disparate characters. The joy of the Avengers is they really don’t belong in the same room. It’s not like the X-Men, who are all tortured by the same thing and have similar costumes. These guys are just all over the place. And so it’s tough. Honestly, this is as tough as anything I’ve ever done, and I haven’t worked this hard since I had three shows on the air.”

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Check out the trailer below!

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