Exclusive: Inside Story on Bieber’s Pot Plane!

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It will come as no surprise. Justin Bieber is a douche bag. And his father is apparently the vinegar and water making up the douche fuel. It’s really sad when that “friend who always gets you in trouble,” is your pops. And that’s how it seems for Justin these days.

Justin recently flew from Canada to Teeterboro, New Jersey, with his dad, and an entourage of 10 nearest and dearest on a private jet. Destination: Super Bowl. For the past several days I have wondered why the Super Bowl sucked so badly. Now, I know why. Justin Bieber breathed on it.

This private jet allegedly became nothing more than a pot smoking, winged tube in the sky, as Bieber and his mates were blazing from takeoff to touchdown. According to the pilots of the private aircraft, it was so bad in the plane’s cabin that they had to wear oxygen masks to complete the international flight. They even asked the passengers several times, to “please stop smoking marijuana.” And if that isn’t bad enough, it was also alleged that Bieber and his father were harassing the flight attendant assigned to the aircraft by the private leasing company.

Yeah, I can live with this kid’s douchetastic behavior so long as he’s at his home, and directly affecting those within an eye and earshot, but now he’s putting other people in danger, and seemingly trying to tag team women with his pops. This is not going to end well. It’s unbelievable that people are really this dense, and that no better ideas of living life ever penetrate their thick skulls.

I’ll say it now. If I ever cross paths with this dude… it’s on. I’m gonna slap the kid.

If you want the full scoop, full quotes from the pilots and pictures of the “pot plane” in question, check out the video below.

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James Sheldon