Eminem Reconciles With His Mom In New Video

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It looks as if Marshall Mathers, and his momma, Debbie, are on better terms. There’s nothing quite like a mother/child reconciliation. This is especially true when the child has tossed immense amount of verbal spite in their mom’s direction within the public arena.

Eminem released the video for his latest single, “Headlights,” on Mother’s Day. Within it, he features his mother Debbie, and closes the video with an embrace. That’s sweet, isn’t it?

It seems Eminem is ready to let go of some anger that he has harbored for many years. He has thrown his mom under the bus multiple times, pointed the finger at her for many of life’s pitfalls, and his own personal struggles, but now it seems as if the 41 year old rapper is really starting to grow up. His perspective has shifted.

Was Debbie really the heinous example of motherhood that we got from Eminem’s past releases? That would be hard to imagine. Sure, she has admitted to her own shortcomings, but considering the broken nature of their home, it seems Debbie was just like the rest of humanity, who have a tendency to look for love in all the wrong places after life gets messy. Marshall should understand that now–life gets messy–you do the best you can.

The video was directed by Spike Lee, and fans of both artists are singing their praises following its Mother’s Day release. For those who were familiar with the song, the video helps add a little humanity to the lyrics.

To see highlights of the video, and hear what others are saying, check out the video below.

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