Dustin Diamond Trial: Victim Offers Testimony

Photo by REX/Jonathan Hordle

Photo by REX/Jonathan Hordle

Dustin Diamond is on trial for second-degree reckless endangerment of safety, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon following a fight at the Grand Avenue Saloon in Port Washington, WI, on Christmas Day of 2014.

Nevermind the fact that Screech was in a bar on Christmas Day, he was also carrying a knife, and admitted to carrying a knife. He was also involved in a skirmish during which an individual was stabbed. Still, the former 90s star has maintained his innocence, and claims he did not stab anyone.

Casey Smet, the individual stabbed in the fight, didn’t realize that he was injured until the fight was over, and he left the premises. He also stated that he remembered having a fight with Diamond, but couldn’t remember how the two of them became involved in the melee.

The fight started when Diamond’s fiancée, Amanda Schutz, grabbed the hand of another female, the cousin of one Bethany Ward, as Ward and her cousin tried to leave the establishment. Schutz was still irritated after she was bumped into earlier, and Ward’s cousin was the party who offered the bump–which Ward claims was accidental.

You got all that? Good. Here’s where it goes stupid.

According to Ward’s testimony, she told Schutz to let go of her cousin. After a couple warnings, Ward punched Schutz in the face. And–as the kids say–it was on. An all-out, Christmas night brawl. At a bar. In Port Washington, Wisconsin.

According to all testimonies, no one saw Diamond stab Smet. The closest the prosecution has come to a witness was Ward stating that someone said that Dustin Diamond had the knife… so, basically, some hearsay that the defense likely challenged.

Considering police body cameras that were at the scene, Smet can be seen telling officers that he didn’t know the man who he believed stabbed him, but he could point him out.

It looks like the defense has a pretty strong case in this trial, but you never know how a jury will decide an outcome.


James Sheldon