David Letterman Hosts Replacement, Stephen Colbert

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.comThere is no doubting David Letterman’s timing, and decision to say farewell to late night broadcasting. Over the past five years, the late night forecast has changed drastically. With Jimmy Fallon’s rapid rise in popularity, it’s good for all network guys to snuggle into a second place position, or get out while they’re still on top.

One of the gents who will offer a legitimate push for the top spot is none other than David Letterman’s replacement, Stephen Colbert. The star of The Colbert Report sat down last night to discuss a few things life and career related. Stephen is definitively excited about the prospect of taking over The Late Show, and suggested to Dave that he’ll keep on doing what has been working for so long.

David and Stephen share a wonderful rapport, and it does beg the question: did Letterman have anything to do with finding his own replacement? Obviously, being a producer on the show, yes. David Letterman has a vested interest in the future of The Late Show, as it will continue to serve as one of his successful cash cows. His production company, Worldwide Pants, has as much to do with the content flow as CBS does in scheduling and broadcasting.

Stephen Colbert is the perfect counter to Jimmy Fallon in that both gents will pull different audience tastes. Sure, it kind of sucks for those of us who really like both guys, but therein lies the beauty of scheduled guests and DVR.

To see Dave welcome Stephen to The Late Show for the first time since he was announced as the future host, check out the video below!


James Sheldon