Culkin Wearing A Photo Of Gosling Wearing A Photo Of Culkin!

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Macaulay Culkin is trying to make our brains explode – with a t-shirt!

Over the weekend, the 33 year-old Home Alone star posted a photo of himself, wearing a t-shirt printed with a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt printed with a photo of none other than….Macaulay Culkin.  Check out the video to see the funny, trippy photo for yourself!

This all started last year, when Ryan, also 33, was photographed wearing a t-shirt printed with a Life magazine cover of young Macaulay, back in his child actor days.

Macaulay’s pizza tribute band tweeted out the new image of Macaulay with the caption, “Let’s get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin.”  Oh right, have we mentioned that Macaulay is in a band called the Pizza Underground, which only sings about pizza?

Now we’ll just have to see if Ryan makes a new t-shirt with the new photo of Macaulay. That would be Ryan wearing Macaulay wearing Ryan wearing Macaulay.  Someone on Twitter has already photosohpped would that would look like, launching us into a never-ending t-shirt photo vortex. Are we being incepted? Has your brain exploded yet?

Maybe other celebs will join in on this strange clothing trend. Jennifer Lawrence wearing Miley Cyrus wearing Jennifer, anyone?

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Amanda Young