Cops Secure Video Of Bruce Jenner Crash

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Well. Bruce may be the “happiest he’s ever been,” with his choice to live life as a woman, but he’s now faced with a legal s***-storm, which is raining on his parade.

The accident in which Bruce was recently involved that caused the death of another driver has left a dark cloud hanging over the former Olympian and current reality star.

Now, police have a video of the accident–nah, you can’t see it; it’s evidence–and it may show that Bruce was guilty of having more… or less to do with the crash than was originally believed. One thing is for certain, there are a lot of witnesses who police are trying to hunt down for their varied accounts of the events. Police have also stated that the claim made by the Jenners–that Bruce was fleeing paparazzi–is false, and that there was no chase involved.

Lying about anything makes someone seem responsible for something. It’s tough to remove emotion from such an event, but going to the old standby “paparazzi” excuse just looks terrible in a case like this. Then, there is the possibility that Bruce thought paps were on his tail, and he was distracted. It would be difficult to disprove that in a court of law, though it would be mere speculation on behalf of any defense.

So. What’s next? Bruce is gonna have to wait this one out, and take a few meetings with his legal team. This time, instead of contracts, they’ll be focused on a potentially criminal defense.

It’s sad, and it’s just another case of stupidity in the scope of Los Angeles driving.

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